My summer project – develop a new company “Oxford Canoe Tours”

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Having paddled on the Thames and Cherwell for many years I was struck by how little commercialisation has gone on in terms of canoes and kayaks in Oxford.

Having recently done some paddling on the River Wye I was surprised how much business was going on in terms of canoeing and kayaking  – similar to that found in France. Putting people and groups up stream and collecting them at the end of the day – little instruction but reasonably safe and enjoyable. And some incredible views!

Having done a workshop on marketing and commercial practices as part of my MBA we studied tour operations in Oxford and it was obvious that there is a real lack of divergent opportunities for visitors to our great city. I really liked the idea we presented of different alternative trips – hence my thoughts for a tour of Oxford on the river by canoe. No one is doing it!

So with a friend, Richard, we have put together our embryonic business for the summer “Oxford Canoe Tours” to see how viable it could be.

Some of the details of our new business venture:

We will take you on an exploration of this ancient city by in canoes so that you can find out about how the river has made an essential contribution to the history of this famous city.

Our aim is to deliver a friendly, fun, informed and unique experience of Oxford for all participants.

Why? We want visitors to Oxford to experience an amazing journey through time and the city that informs and celebrates the world renowned heritage of Oxford as a fun, challenging memorable adventure, a lasting  memory.

How? Through a unique tour with friendly and knowledge tour guides along the waterways of Oxford.

What? we are Oxford Canoe Tours, want to experience an adventure with us?

We will be operating in collaboration with the Oxford Canoe and Kayak Club ( and running tours from:

Riverside Centre, Donnington Bridge, Oxford OX4 4AZ

We will be running tours on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday mornings, other days by arrangement. So if you are in Oxford why not experience Oxford in a unique and different way!

Further information,   Book your tour

Looking forward to meeting you over the summer!

So lets see how it develops and perhaps we might see a second season?